What is ASE and Why is it Important to You?

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Finding a talented, trustworthy Galva transmission mechanic isn’t as hard as you think. You’ve probably heard the term ASE before and have seen the blue ASE logo in our shop’s window, but do you know what it stands for? Our team at Nightingale Transmissions would like to teach you why you should only let an ASE-Certified mechanic work on your vehicle. To get your car a thorough repair the first time, you need to take it to a trustworthy facility, like Nightingale Transmissions, that employs top-notch technicians who have the drive and experience to get the job done quickly and professionally. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence Program. It was established in 1972 in an effort to improve the auto industry with better technicians and more ethical practices.  This not only benefited the auto facilities but their customers as well. When technicians are …… ( more )