Avoid Rocking Your Car!

The Monday Morning Mechanic shows some of the expensive reasons why rocking your car when you are stuck is a BAD idea!

Get your 4-WHEEL DRIVE ready for winter!

The Monday Morning Mechanic shows the critical components of a four-wheel drive system, and what can happen to them without regular inspections and maintenance. Don’t let the bad weather get the best of you…make sure your 4-wheel drive is working properly BEFORE you need it!

Inexpensive ways to keep your clutch working longer!

The Monday Morning Mechanic, David Rogers, shows some inexpensive ways to maintain the clutch in your your manual transmission. This includes changing the fluid, and small changes to driving habits…easy ways to save a lot of money!

Stuck in the snow? Try these tips instead of rocking your car!

The Monday Morning Mechanic shows what can happen when you rock a car back and forth to free your stuck car: broken engine mounts, stripped wiring, and even transmission problems. Luckily, there’s still plenty that you can do before you have to call AAA or a tow truck, and the Monday Morning Mechanic shows you how to free your trapped vehicle without damaging it.

Take care of your CLUTCH!

David Rogers, the Monday Morning Mechanic, shows why clutches fail, and gives some tips on how to keep your clutch working longer (saving you money!).