Maintaining Your Transmission: Transmission Repair Newton

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Maintaining Your Transmission: Transmission Repair Newton The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated parts of the vehicle, and the second most expensive component to replace. You can probably see why it’s important to take care of your Transmission Repair Newton and make sure it’s in great shape! What causes Inman transmission problems? Most transmission troubles start because of overheating. Overheating can occur when towing a heavy load, rocking the vehicle from the snow, having continuous stop-and-go traffic in hot weather, racing, and other activities that work the transmission hard. At high temperatures, the transmission fluid loses its lubricating power, which could result in premature failure. When that happens, the next step is a transmission rebuild or replacement…SCARY! Ways to Prevent Damage Luckily, taking care of your Transmission Repair McPherson isn’t hard.  Just taking a few extra steps can go a long way in preventing …… ( more )