5 Ways to Stay Fit In Your Car

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While you might not be able to run a mile or even do sit-ups while you’re in the passenger’s seat, there are still ways to burn calories and stay fit in the car! This month, we’re shifting from auto repair tips to give you five easy exercises that you can do on those long car trips to keep you in shape! Squeeze, Hold, Release Isometric contractions are when you squeeze and hold a muscle for any amount of time. Whatever a muscle’s job is, these exercises help tone and prepare them for that job. Simply squeeze or flex a muscle, hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, and release. Try this with ANYTHING you can flex! Relax!                                                                                           Heavy traffic can be stressful, leaving your muscles tense. You can release this stress in your shoulders with simple shrugs! Raise your shoulders up to …… ( more )