What Octane should I use in my Car?

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When you pull into a local gas station in Galva to fill your empty tank, it may be tempting to reach for the fuel with the lowest price tag. After-all, how can one little number be so important? But reaching for the regular grade isn’t always the right choice – consult your owner’s manual, the sticker on the gas cap, or call our techs at 620.654.3445 for advice for your vehicle – keep reading for more information about gasoline octane and when it matters. What do the numbers on the gas pump mean? When you stop at the pump, the numbers indicate the octane rating of the fuel. This rating (87, 89, 93, etc.) relates to its ability to be compressed in the engine without igniting prematurely. In a typical engine, gas and air are combined in the cylinders then compressed into …… ( more )