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It’s going to get cold, we all know that. I’m talking about those mornings where you walk outside with damp hair and by the time you get to your car it’s frozen.

Though these mornings may be uncomfortable for you, they can be just as bad for your vehicle. As a transmission repair shop near Newton, we feel we have a pretty good idea of how to combat the extreme cold. Here are some products we believe can help you through the toughest winter:

Winter Wipers

There are plenty of good choices for winter wiper blades that aren’t very expensive either. Believe us, spending $15–$20 on a decent pair of blades to ensure you can see clearly this winter is well worth it. Your windshield will clear off faster, and you’ll see better during adverse conditions at any time of day.

Gas Line Anti-Freeze

For less than $10, you can pick up a bottle of gas line anti-freeze, a fuel additive that treats either gas or diesel engines. It works by absorbing the condensation that forms in your gas tank on those frigid days so fuel can reach the gas line, allowing your engine to start.

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit for the winter is a cheap, inexpensive way to ensure you’re fully prepared for anything the harsh winter might throw out at you on the road. A solid kit will include a flashlight, candles, survival blanket and first aid pieces and will hardly take up any space in the back seat. You might not EVER use it, but having it in the back seat is worth the peace of mind.

Engine Block Heater

These are helpful if you don’t have the luxury of parking your vehicle in a heated garage every night. They might cost around $40 (plus labor) but they’ll have your vehicle starting up in no time. An engine block heater pre-warms your vehicle by hooking the engine up to an electrical outlet. The result is an easy, snappy start even in cold weather. If you’re interested in an engine block heater, talk to a technician at a transmission repair shop in McPherson.

If you have more questions about how you can winterize your car, don’t hesitate to call us!

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