Transmission Repair Inman KS: Pre-Trip Inspections

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Now that warmer weather is upon us, you might be gearing up for a road trip in the coming days. Besides, nothing validates the American summer like a road trip across the country. However, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge of a long drive by taking it to a Marion KS Transmission Repair for a pre-trip inspection. Here are a few tips from your reliable McPherson Transmission Repair when preparing for your trip:


Tires can make or break your trip—by having them in pristine condition, you’ll not only be safer, but improve your gas mileage as well. Remember that pressure changes with altitude and temperature, so if you’re traveling across a variety of terrain, get used to checking your tires every time you stop for gas. A good Newton Transmission Repair can supply you with a tire pressure gauge to monitor your tires.


You know the drill: Change your oil and filter, check your coolant, transmission, and the washer fluid reservoir. It’s a good Idea to have an extra container of washer fluid just in case you run out—you never know what sort of conditions you’ll be driving in.

Wiper Blades

What good will extra washer fluid do if you don’t have quality wiper blades to help clean your windshield? Do your blades smear more than they clear? Then go by your local Inman KS Transmission Repair and talk to an ASE-Certified tech about what kinds of blades are best for your vehicle.


The best thing you can do for your vehicle before a road trip? Take it in for a pre-trip inspection at a local Marion KS Transmission Repair. It’s beneficial to have a professional look over your vehicle before a big trip just to be 100% sure that you’re all set to go!

Remove Excess Weight

This is simple logic: the less weight you have in the car, the better gas mileage you’ll get. Of course you’ll have your own belongings for the trip, but there’s more than likely something in your vehicle that’s weighing you down.

If you’re ready to get your vehicle in tip-top shape before your next road trip, stop by your local Marion KS Transmission Repair for a pre-trip inspection!

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