Organization tips to keep your car fresh and comfortable!

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Does the inside of your car look like this? messy car interior

We know that life can be a little crazy, and it’s easy for your car to be clean one week and look like you’re living in it the next. Not only can a messy car be stressful and embarrassing, but the distractions of a messy car can be a safety hazard! These organization tips will help you keep your car clean and organized so your daily commute can be relaxing and safe:

Assign a home for all the necessary items that stay in your car such as sunglasses, umbrellas, shopping bags, cleaning supplies, etc. If all of the things that live in your car have a dedicated place, it is easier to find them when you need them and put them away when you are done! Consider following the “two-weeks rule” for all the items that end up staying in your car – if you haven’t used the item in 14 days and it isn’t part of your emergency kit, it probably doesn’t need to stay in your car.

Don’t stash your trash in the nooks and crannies of your car. Instead, collect trash in a plastic grocery bag or a small trashcan. When it is full, empty the trash right away. Every time you stop at a gas station to fill up, take a moment to throw out any lingering trash. You can even keep a supply of bags in the pocket behind your seat for easy clean up and collecting on the go. There is no good reason to keep trash in your car, so get rid of it. Plus, you’ll increase MPG by removing excess weight from your car!

car organization

Containers are a great way to collect and organize all of the items in your car. Consider using a cardboard box, collapsible tote, or plastic tub to contain items kept in your trunk. If you keep a lot of small items in your trunk, try using a multiple compartment, collapsible bin. (Picture below) You can even attach Velcro to the bottom to prevent it from sliding around. A coupon or recipe organizer is an easy way to keep track of important papers in your car’s glove box. Cup holder organizers come in a variety of styles to fit your needs, including compartments for your cell phone, sunglasses, or loose change.

Keep it fresh and clean with a periodic thorough cleaning. This can be as simple as wiping down the dashboard and vacuuming the seats and floor mats, or you may consider a deep cleaning and detailing. Cleaning your car also gives you the opportunity to retrieve small items that may have fallen under the seats – that space between the seat and the center console can seem like a black hole for coins and stray French fries! Taking the time to clean your car’s interior can keep your car in good condition and protect your investment. A clean interior can also help you stay motivated to keep your car organized! One easy trick for keeping your car smelling clean: keep a fabric softener sheet under the seats for a fresh scent!

A messy car might seem like an unavoidable fact of life, but it is easy to tame the mess with a few organization tips! Try some of these suggestions, or find your own system that works best for your car. Without the distractions of a messy car, you can be a safer, more relaxed driver!

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