5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween

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Ghosts, ghouls, goodies… the spooky and festive holidays are here! Before you embark on this year’s trick-or-treating, we want to offer a few tips to have a fun and safe Halloween:

  1. Bring a Flashlight for trick-or-treating. Look for safe neighborhoods with working street lamps. Even in well lit areas, a flash light will help you and the little ones navigate steps and paths up to the houses.
  2. Well-fitted costumes can help you avoid trips and falls. Try on costumes with the family before you hit the streets. If pants or skirts are a little too long, hem or secure with safety pins so they don’t trip.
  3. Reflective tape can be added to almost any costume to improve visibility after dark. Stick on seams, backs, legs, and sleeves or get creative and find a fun way to incorporate into the design of the costume.
  4. Walk on sidewalks whenever possible. Avoid busy streets with high traffic, and make sure your kids walk on the inside of the sidewalk closer to the homes.
  5. Drive slowly and watch for trick-or-treaters. This is always good advice, but especially when children can pop out from nowhere and dart to the house across the street… ease off the gas pedal and use extra caution on Halloween.

What are your plans this holiday season? We hope you and your family enjoy a fun day of trick-or-treating. Wishing you a safe celebration this Halloween!

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