Transmission Issues in Cold Weather

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If you’ve noticed issues with your vehicle in the cold Kansas winter, the culprit may be your transmission fluid.

As the temperature drops in Galva, the cold can increase the viscosity of transmission fluid. Fluid that is too thick will not be able to travel smoothly through the system. The usual flow that keeps your transmission operating at its best will become plugged up, resulting in lower performance and leaving your tranmsision at risk for bigger problems.

Before the cold sets in, stop by Nightingale Transmissions for a transmission fluid check. Our technicians will inspect your transmission make sure the fluid is prepared for the cold weather ahead. If your transmission fluid is worn or thick like sludge, our skilled technicians will recommend and perform a transmission fluid flush.

With a transmission fluid flush, all of the spent fluid is removed from the system and replaced with fresh transmission fluid. This will ensure that your transmission is operating at its best, with enough lubrication to prevent damage to the delicate components in the transmission system.

In cold weather, your transmission may also be at risk for transmission slipping. Freezing conditions can cause a leak in the seals and a loss of pressure, causing gears to slip. To prevent this, your transmission needs regular maintenance and inspections to check the pressure and fluid levels.

When you bring your vehicle to Nightingale Transmissions for a transmission inspection, our technicians will inspect the components in your transmission to catch and fix problems early.

Don’t wait until a leak causes a critical failure… have your transmission inspected at the first sign of a problem. Call our transmission shop to schedule an appointment: 620.654.3445.

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