A Love Letter to our Vehicles

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To our family vehicle,

You are always there to get us where we need to go. You take us to work and home safely, pick up the kids from soccer practice, run errands, and enable new adventures.

You carry the people we love and the things we use every day. You keep us warm and dry when the rain pours and offer a fresh breeze when it’s hot outside.

You help us discover new places, explore the city we live in, and expand our horizons. You represent our freedom, our wanderlust, our work, our play, and our lives.

From road trips to daily commutes, highways to back roads, you keep our family safely on the road.

We know we don’t always do our best. We leave stuff in the trunk far longer than we need it. We let the dirt get too thick. We drive a little too quickly or stop suddenly. But you’ll always keep us safe as long as we take care of you too.

There will always be a newer, shinier car in the dealer lots, but you are the car we choose. We love you for all you’ve done and all you mean to us.

That’s why we want to take care of you too. We promise to treat you well, to tend to your leaks, creaks, and aches, and to pay attention to the warning signs you give us. We promise to keep up with your maintenance so you can continue to keep up with our busy lives.

Thank you, vehicle, for everything you do for us. We love you.


Our family


At Nightingale Transmissions, we’re here to help you take care of the vehicle that you love! Whether it is due for a transmission fluid flush, is having trouble shifting, or simply could use a check-up, bring it in to our shop in Galva.

Our technicians will keep your family vehicle safely on the roads with the transmission services and care you need. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment: 620.654.3445.

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