Carpooling Tips to Save Money

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Carpools are a great way for parents to support each other and get all their children safely to school. Save money on gas and maintenance and save time by sharing the load with other parents in your neighborhood and community!

The experienced technicians at Nightingale Transmissions are offering a few tips for setting up your neighborhood carpool:

Coordinate with your Community. If you’re setting up a new carpool, look to your neighbors! Even if you branch out from your specific neighborhood, a little extra mileage is worth making fewer trips in your car. Parents of your child’s classmates may be eager to join in – all you need to do is ask!

Create a Back-Up Plan. After you set up a carpool, make sure everyone in the group has the schedule, back-up plan, and contact information. What happens if someone needs to cover a ride at the last minute? If a child is sick for the day? Set a point of contact or rotating back-up to keep your schedule covered.

Involve the Kids. Make sure your child knows who to expect in the mornings and afternoons. Include a contact list for your child so they can ask for help if they miss a ride. Leave a copy of the schedule and phone numbers in their backpack or with a teacher.

Don’t be the weak link in the carpool! Make sure your family vehicle is ready for the school year with a safety inspection (and encourage the other parents in the carpool to do the same). A breakdown will not only affect your child, but the other members of the carpool.

Carpooling is a great way to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and lower the stress of school schedules – but make sure you are prepared. If your transmission needs attention this school year, call 620.654.3445 to schedule an appointment with the transmission technicians at Nightingale Transmissions.

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