Show your car Gratitude

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With Thanksgiving on the way, we’re thinking about the things we’re most grateful for so we can take time to say, “Thank you!”

If you’re like most of us, you use your vehicle every day – getting to work, running errands in Galva, traveling to see your family. And yet, despite the frequency and intensity of use, it’s easy to neglect the small things that can take your car the extra mile.

While your car may not appreciate a thank you note, there are a few ways you can show it your gratitude this holiday season:

Give it a wash – Not only does washing your car keep it looking its best, but it will actually protect your investment! The reason to clean your car is not to keep it looking nice (which is an added benefit!) but to remove the salt, mud, chemicals, dust and dirt that can collect and cause rust and damage paint.

Clean the Interior – With everyday use and extra holiday travel, your car may double as an extended closet or storage for all the odds and ends you’ve needed the past month (or two, or three!). Spend 10 minutes cleaning and organizing the interior of your car. Not only will your car be nicer to drive, but the reduced weight your car has to haul around will mean you improve your miles per gallon!

Review Maintenance Schedule – Maybe you are diligent with the preventative maintenance your vehicle needs, or maybe (like most of us) you only think about a┬átransmission fluid flush when your mechanic mentions it. Regardless, take a moment to review the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Say “thank you” to your vehicle this month with a little extra care. For a thorough inspection or to schedule regular maintenance, call our transmission repair shop in Galva at 620.654.3445.

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