Transmission Fluid FAQ

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What is transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid flows inside your transmission. It functions as a lubricant for the moving parts in the system while keeping it cool. Over time, the fluid becomes thick and viscous, no longer able to perform it’s function efficiently.

When should I replace it? How often?

The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will tell you when and how often to replace the transmission fluid. Regular transmission flushes help to clean out old, corrosive fluid and replace it with fresh transmission fluid. This helps your transmission perform efficiently and helps prevent damage to the transmission system.

Manufacturer recommendations range from every 30,000 to 100,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual, or call our transmission experts at 620.654.3445,┬áto find the service interval for your vehicle.

Changing the transmission fluid more frequently does no harm. In fact, fixing it right away at the first sign of an issue can extend the life of your transmission. As part of your routine inspections, our transmission technicians can check the quality of the transmission fluid and recommend maintenance services as they are needed.

Why do I need to replace transmission fluid?

Because the transmission fluid flows through the entire system, it can also carry contaminants through the transmission. Metal shavings, corrosion, and debris become mixed in with the lubricating fluid over time. This can cause significant damage to the transmission, leading to expensive repairs and possibly a transmission rebuild or replacement.

The transmission fluid itself can also break down over time. In the demanding conditions of the transmission, the fluid will degrade and need to be replaced.

Is there a difference between automatic and manual transmission fluid?

Automatic transmissions use “automatic transmission fluid” while manual transmissions can call for a variety of oils. The owner’s manual or a certified technician can tell you what fluid is best for your vehicle’s transmission.

To learn more about the transmission fluid for your vehicle or to schedule transmission maintenance or transmission fluid flush, call Nightingale Transmissions at 620.654.3445 or request an appointment online.

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