Transmission Flush Is It Really Necessary?

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A transmission flush is one of the more talked about items with customers and there are alot of misconceptions surrounding them. Typical questions include “What Is A Transmission Flush?”, “Why can’t you just top off the transmission fluid?” “Is a flush absolutely necessary?”

Just like any other component of a car, you transmission needs regular maintenance in order for it and your car to continue to run smoothly. Here are some facts around what a transmission flush is, what it does and why you may need one.

What is a Transmission Flush?

This involves connecting your transmission and the fluid in it to a machine which totally flushes the transmission fluid out the of the vehicle using a solution. Once your transmission is clean and void of fluid, the transmission is filled with new clean fluid.

Compare this to a transmission fluid change which merely drains the fluid by gravity and replaces it with new fluid. One disadvantage here is that all of the older fluid will not necessarily be completely drained from the vehicle.

How do you know you need a transmission flush?

According to There are some tell-tale signs that your vehicle may be in need of a transmission flush or service:

Transmission grinding or strange noise: If you ever hear your vehicle’s transmission making a strange noise or even grinding, it is recommended to first stop your vehicle and then check your transmission fluid levels immediately. It is important to check the fluid level while the car is in park, yet still running.

If the fluid isn’t bright red, and brown or black, or of the level of the transmission fluid is within acceptable limits, you may then need a flush.

Difficulty shifting gears: Transmissions that have dirt or other debris in them will be not nearly as responsive and cause difficulty shifting gears in automatics. In a standard, this may result in it being really difficult to change gears and shift at all.

Slipping Gears: In order for a transmission to stay in a specific and appropriate gear, it needs to have enough pressure in the system. Dirty transmission fluid or not enough of it can cause issues with this.

Vehicle Surge: An inconsistent flow of properly clean fluid cab prevent the smooth operation of the gears and parts inside the transmission housing.

Delayed Vehicle Movement: Finally, another indicator of your vehicle may need a transmission flush is when a vehicle pauses or delays after going into gear.

Is a Transmission Flush necessary?

We recommend checking your vehicle owners manual for their recommeded service guidelines. In general we recommend a full flush every 30,000 miles or two years. However each vehicle differs so please check your manual and consult an ASE certified technician for more information.

To have your vehicle or transmission inspected, contact us online or call us at 620.654.3445

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