Three Ways to Avoid Unwanted Auto Repairs

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It can be a very uncomfortable feeling for most people when they don’t fully understand the recommendations being given out by potentially-unscrupulous auto repair shops. Here are three signs that the repairs you’re being pitched aren’t necessary and the steps you can take to avoid situations like these:

#1) The repair shop tries to sell you something that you are certain you don’t need.
What To Do: Make sure you understand every repair item that is recommended and take the time to at least try to understand if you do not. A reputable and trustworthy auto repair shop will always take the necessary time to explain, in as much detail as you need, for you to feel comfortable with your decision. If you’re not comfortable with something, insist on having the auto repair shop show you the items they’re recommending be fixed before AND after the repairs are completed. Also, ask for your old parts back after the repair is completed, just to ensure that something that was said to have been replaced actually has been.

#2) Unskilled technicians. NOTE: There currently exists a shortage of skilled technicians around the country because of a shortage in the labor market. This has caused an influx of unqualified repair technicians to fill those vacancies. You should be mindful of this when having your vehicle tended to.
What To Do: Look for certifications for the technicians at the shop or for individual mechanics, including from AAA, ASA, BBB, & ASE. You should always make sure that the technician working on your vehicle is ASE-certified; they should also potentially have a documented specialty in what they are working on.

#3) Unrealistic pricing.
What To Do: There are a lot of advertisements – whether on television, mailer ads or online – that promte very cheap work, like $99 for a four-wheel brake job. Only later do you realize that the full cost of that service is $200 or more after various fees and such.
Generally, if the advertisement sounds unrealistically low, then more than likely – it is. The most important factor in obtaining quality care for your car at a reasonable coast is to have a repair shop give you an honest and correct estimate after a full inspection of the vehicle, not give out a quote for service sight unseen.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to avoid some unwanted car-related headaches in the future!

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