Treat Your Car!

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With the Holidays now officially in High Gear, people in Kansas and throughout the country are in full-on SHOP MODE, buying gifts for friends, family, coworkers and so on.

During the Season of Giving, don’t forget to pick something up for your family vehicle!

Here are some gift ideas for your van, truck or car that will make it (and you!) a happy camper this winter:

Blind Spot Mirror
These devices are designed to increase the range of your view from your rearview mirrors to more easily spot vehicles in your blind spot. Add these mirrors to your vehicle for an extra safety boost.

Emergency Kit
If your vehicle isn’t already equipped with one, now is the perfect time to purchase or build an auto emergency kit. Put one together for your own vehicle or for a loved one to keep them safe this winter and year-round.

Car Seat Gap Stopper
This nifty gadget helps you avoid losing spare change, chapstick, keys, and french fries down the space between the car seat and the center console.

GPS/Cell Phone Mount
For the directionally-challenged and map lovers on your list, consider a cell phone or GPS mount. With one of these, keep your GPS or smartphone maps in view to minimize unnecessary distractions.

Want an even more meaningful gift for your vehicle? One that keeps on giving all year long? Have its transmission checked! Click HERE or give us a call at 620-654-3445 to set up an appointment with our auto experts. Happy Holidays!

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