Emergency Road Kit Creation Guide

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Sometimes it’s hard to leave home and remember everything that we may need. Whether you are an avid road-tripper or just enjoy a nice Sunday drive every now and then, a stocked emergency road kit can be invaluable.

Below is a list of must-haves to keep in your car, especially if you’ll be traveling off main roads or know there is severe weather coming:

Flat tire kit or tire-puncture sealant – While the toolkit can fix a flat in a jiffy, spraying some tire sealant on a minor flat can help you make it safely to a mechanic.

Road flares – Invaluable in case of emergency or trouble to flag other motorists down.

Flashlight – A dependable and weatherproof flashlight will ensure that you at least have light during any kind of problems or disasters. Also, don’t forget extra batteries!

Cell phone charger – In case you get stranded somewhere for some time, you’ll want to be able to get a hold of your loved ones. Consider also keeping a rechargeable battery pack in your glove box to charge your phone if your car battery is dead.

Fire extinguisher – This can come in handy to help stop small fires from spreading as well as be a safety measure while camping.

Jumper cables – Whether you need a boost or you want to be a Good Samaritan and help someone else, keeping a set of jumper cables on hand is always a good idea.

First-aid kit – With a comprehensive kit, you can care for bumps and bruises as well as minor scrapes and ailments.

Pen and paper – You never know when you will need to note down important information, such as contact/insurance info or directions.

Food and water – Non-perishables, like granola bars and nuts, will help keep your energy up and keep your head together during long waits or emergencies. Furthermore, a gallon of water a day per person should be enough to maintain proper hydration.

The unexpected can happen at any time. If you’re off-roading, having car trouble, or facing a natural disaster, being stranded without needed essentials in your car can be harrowing. With a good emergency road kit in your car though, you’ll be much better prepared to face any precarious situations you might encounter as a motorist.

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