Gas Saving Tips

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gas saving

When saving money, your vehicle isn’t something to overlook — especially when it comes to filling up. Here are a gas saving few tips to make those trips to the pump a little less frequent:

Properly Inflated Tires: If your tires aren’t in tip-top shape, you’re wasting around $2 every fill up. In fact, improperly inflated tires account for around 35 million gallons of wasted gas per year. It’s a good idea to have a tire gauge handy to check the air pressure in your tires. Knowing when to service them will save you money every time you fill up.

Using Correct Motor Oil Grade: The packaging on many oil cartons look similar. And if you’re not careful, or if you take your vehicle to a quick oil change place, you might be stuck with the wrong kind. So check your manual and make sure you’re putting the right kind of oil into your engine. This can save you $2 every fill up!

Air Filter: A dirty air filter could be costing you $5 every fill up. They choke your engine, causing them to work harder and use more gas. Air filters are fairly inexpensive and will pay for themselves after just a few fill ups.

Gas Cap: The purpose of a gas cap is to seal off the gas tank so no fuel can escape. This keeps everything in, giving you optimal gas mileage. But if your cap isn’t airtight, it will allow gas to evaporate out of the tank. Your local ASE-Certified tech can check your gas cap for you.

Removing Unnecessary Items: Do you have something you’ve been hauling around in your car forever? That added weight can cost you big at the pump. Whether it’s trash, tools, or maybe a bag that you haven’t unpacked yet, unloading items from your car will improve your gas mileage.

Slowing Down: This is a hard one, but going fast in your car means burning more fuel. By slowing down and going the speed limit, you’ll keep more gas in your tank.

Stop by your trusted transmission repair shop with certified technicians to learn more ways to get the most miles out of every dollar. Taking care of your transmission can help you use less gas and keep your car longer. Request an appointment online or stop by our shop in Galva.

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