Go Green With Your Vehicle This Spring!

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We do not recommend driving with a slipping transmission. A slipping transmission can be a serious problem.

Whether the beautiful spring weather has you thinking about nature or the 2023 edition of Earth Day has inspired you to give back, it is easy to “go green” with your vehicle this spring! In a few easy steps, you can practice greener driving and car maintenance to help the environment, your car, and your wallet!

Before you drive, you can do a few quick checks for a greener car:

Remove any excess weight from your car. Having extra junk in your car weighs it down – get rid of it to increase your fuel economy!

Check your tires. Low tire pressure means more of the tire contacts the road, increasing resistance and making the engine work harder to drive the car.

When you stop for gas, don’t overfill your tank. Stop when the pump turns off – the gas needs room to expand. Close the gas cap tightly so the gas does not evaporate into the atmosphere.

How you drive makes a big difference. Avoid sudden starts and stops. Follow the speed limit. As a general rule, your engine should stay between 1,000 and 3,000 RPMs. Plan your trips ahead of time to avoid extra, unnecessary mileage. Green driving best practices also can impact your fuel economy, helping to get more miles per gallon and save money at the pump!

Preventative Maintenance is key to keeping your car running efficiently. Check your filters regularly… If your car is running with a dirty fuel filter, it has to work harder to compensate and will burn more gas. Keeping up with maintenance will keep your engine running smoothly to reduce emissions, smoke, and smog released into the environment.

Click HERE to contact our team of auto experts if you have any further questions about your vehicle’s carbon imprint!

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