How To Change a Flat Tire

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flat tire

Let’s face it – flat tires happen. No matter how careful you may be, any car can succumb to an unexpected flat. But you can be prepared! Car manufacturers have made the tire change process simple so that virtually anyone can do it. And with our guide, you can be confident in your ability to change a flat tire! Before you head out for a long drive, or even your regular commute, check your spare tire. Flat tires can’t be replaced with flat spares! You can also look at your tires – if you see any worn spots or skimpy tread, invest in new tires. You can even stop by our shop for a full inspection before any big road trips! But even the most prepared drivers can encounter unexpected flats – not to fear! With this guide, you will …… ( more )

Save Money with a Transmission Check

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transmission check

Regular maintenance on your car can be a hassle. But ignoring signs like leaking fluids, grinding, or shaking can mean bad news for your transmission, and nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road with a smoking engine. Finding a trustworthy transmission repair center in McPherson County is half the battle. When you feel comfortable bringing your car in to get checked out, the more relief you’ll have on the road — and your bank account. Let’s say you’re on your way home from a long day on the job. All you want to do is pull in the driveway, enjoy a nice dinner with your family, and lounge around before you have to do it all over again. You shift into autopilot, cruising down the road just as you’ve done countless times before. But maybe the …… ( more )

Emergency Road Kit Creation Guide

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emergency kit

Sometimes it’s hard to leave home and remember everything that we may need. Whether you are an avid road-tripper or just enjoy a nice Sunday drive every now and then, a stocked emergency road kit can be invaluable. Below is a list of must-haves to keep in your car, especially if you’ll be traveling off main roads or know there is severe weather coming: Flat tire kit or tire-puncture sealant – While the toolkit can fix a flat in a jiffy, spraying some tire sealant on a minor flat can help you make it safely to a mechanic. Road flares – Invaluable in case of emergency or trouble to flag other motorists down. Flashlight – A dependable and weatherproof flashlight will ensure that you at least have light during any kind of problems or disasters. Also, don’t forget extra batteries! …… ( more )

Go Green With Your Vehicle This Spring!

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Whether the beautiful spring weather has you thinking about nature or Earth Day 2019 has inspired you to give back, it is easy to “go green” with your vehicle this spring! In a few easy steps, you can practice greener driving and car maintenance to help the environment, your car, and your wallet! Before you drive, you can do a few quick checks for a greener car: Remove any excess weight from your car. Having extra junk in your car weighs it down – get rid of it to increase your fuel economy! Check your tires. Low tire pressure means more of the tire contacts the road, increasing resistance and making the engine work harder to drive the car. When you stop for gas, don’t overfill your tank. Stop when the pump turns off – the gas needs room to …… ( more )

What’s Your Favorite Car From a Scary Movie ?

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During the Halloween season, thrill lovers gather around the television set to enjoy scary movies! And while you can expect a fair amount of screaming, faux blood, and weapons, have you ever noticed a certain car or cars? Some classic thrillers and mystery movies feature equally thrilling vehicles. Here are a few of our favorites: Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds, featured spooky flying predators (foul fowl, if you pardon the pun)… but it also featured the heroine’s escape vehicle – an Aston Martin DB 2/4! Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters, naturally. The team of haunt hunting heroes transformed a Cadillac into their ECTO-1. In the movie Christine, the car is the star! A 1958 Plymouth Fury holds the leading role in Stephen King’s thriller. The Car features an evil Lincoln Continental out for blood. This is the one time when …… ( more )

Is it Safe to go on a Road Trip with a Slipping Transmission?

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If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s transmission, bring it into Nightingale Transmissions for an inspection right away. Without an inspection, you may not know how much danger your vehicle is in on a road trip. We do not recommend driving with a slipping transmission. A slipping transmission can be a serious problem. Signs of a Slipping Transmission You may suspect your vehicle has a slipping transmission if it does not change gears smoothly. You may even hear noises, like a clunk or thud, when the vehicle changes gears. If you notice grinding when changing gears, bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Causes of Transmission Issues A common cause of slipping transmission is low transmission fluid. You can check the fluid level using the dipstick or bring your vehicle into Nightingale Transmissions. If the fluid is low, it likely …… ( more )

Three Ways to Avoid Unwanted Auto Repairs

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It can be a very uncomfortable feeling for most people when they don’t fully understand the recommendations being given out by potentially-unscrupulous auto repair shops. Here are three signs that the repairs you’re being pitched aren’t necessary and the steps you can take to avoid situations like these: #1) The repair shop tries to sell you something that you are certain you don’t need. What To Do: Make sure you understand every repair item that is recommended and take the time to at least try to understand if you do not. A reputable and trustworthy auto repair shop will always take the necessary time to explain, in as much detail as you need, for you to feel comfortable with your decision. If you’re not comfortable with something, insist on having the auto repair shop show you the items they’re recommending …… ( more )

Transmission Flush Is It Really Necessary?

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A transmission flush is one of the more talked about items with customers and there are alot of misconceptions surrounding them. Typical questions include “What Is A Transmission Flush?”, “Why can’t you just top off the transmission fluid?” “Is a flush absolutely necessary?” Just like any other component of a car, you transmission needs regular maintenance in order for it and your car to continue to run smoothly. Here are some facts around what a transmission flush is, what it does and why you may need one. What is a Transmission Flush? This involves connecting your transmission and the fluid in it to a machine which totally flushes the transmission fluid out the of the vehicle using a solution. Once your transmission is clean and void of fluid, the transmission is filled with new clean fluid. Compare this to a …… ( more )

Eight Things To Keep In Your Car Glove Box Compartment

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Road trip with friends? Weekend at the lake? No matter what your plans are this summer, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of it in your vehicle driving from all over Kansas and beyond. In addition to your regular year-around car safety must-haves in your car, below is a list of other helpful items every summertime road warrior should find handy.   Spare sunglasses – It’s hard enough to focus on the road during long road trips, but when the blinding sun bears down on your all day through your windows, it can become miserable. Keep a backup pair of sunglasses in your glove box, preferably polarized to help reduce glare. Quarters – Always keep a roll of quarters in your glove box for unexpected tolls, ice cream stops, and parking meters. You never know when you may need …… ( more )

Transmission Fluid FAQ

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What is transmission fluid? Transmission fluid flows inside your transmission. It functions as a lubricant for the moving parts in the system while keeping it cool. Over time, the fluid becomes thick and viscous, no longer able to perform it’s function efficiently. When should I replace it? How often? The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will tell you when and how often to replace the transmission fluid. Regular transmission flushes help to clean out old, corrosive fluid and replace it with fresh transmission fluid. This helps your transmission perform efficiently and helps prevent damage to the transmission system. Manufacturer recommendations range from every 30,000 to 100,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual, or call our transmission experts at 620.654.3445, to find the service interval for your vehicle. Changing the transmission fluid more frequently does no harm. In fact, fixing it right away at the …… ( more )